writer . director . editor

My name is Silas Firth and I live on the southern Kenai Peninsula in the great state of Alaska. 

I've been tremendously blessed with family, friends and opportunities, so it's hard to write down a short, informative bio; there are so many things I love and am passionate about! However, I'll try and hit some highlights without boring you:

I'm a filmmaker. Making movies has been my dream for years. I can remember pretending film shoots from back when I was a pretty little kid. Around 2010, I began to realize that some crazy people make movies for a living, and I've been working towards doing film and video full-time ever since. Standing Tide Productions was born in 2015.

I was blessed to be raised in an amazing family of artists (, and art has always been a major part of my life. I love photography, and also hand turn pens, do some drawing/painting, have done some wood carving, and love participating in ice carving competitions. I also love good music, and attempt to play, particularly on the piano, but also working on banjo and guitar.

I love the outdoors (it's hard not to in Alaska!), and you can often find me on the river with a fishing rod, hunting or hiking in the wild country or on the beach with a camera and tripod over my shoulder. 

And last, but definitely not least, I'm a Christian. I believe in the God of the Bible and that the Bible is His inerrant word. I have hope beyond the fleeting moments here on earth and want to live my life in service to God and others, to be a man of honor and integrity, and through my art and life, to inspire those around me to press on, to be passionate about things bigger than themselves, and to lean on the everlasting arms of Jesus.

Enough about me. I want to get to know you! I'd love to hear from you for any reason, and you can get a hold of me via the contact page.